Women of color in California have spoken about their experiences at tech industry giants in confronting the hydra of race and sex discrimination on the job. Far from being separate concerns, these forms of workplace discrimination have been pernicious for women of color, even those who have achieved success at some of the world’s largest companies.

Women at Google, for example, have talked about dealing with racism and sexism on the job. Some women of color who spoke to reporters detailed experiences of discrimination in promotions as well as ongoing racist comments and jokes by their coworkers. Black women and Asian women reported being overlooked for promotions, especially at the executive level.

From high-level concerns about promotions to daily discouragements like being asked repeatedly for identification or being told that they must have received their jobs due to their racial and gender identities, the women involved in reporting noted an overall negative environment at the company. Others disclosed that concerns like “cultural fit” were used to ensure that workers of color fit in with the majority white and male corporate environment, yet these same standards were not upheld in reverse.

Some also reported concerns about age discrimination, particularly for women who also were marginalized along racial lines. Because of the high profile and prestige of tech giants like Google, there can be a failure to recognize the harms such corporate environments can hold for women of color.

People who are dealing with racial discrimination, sex discrimination or other types of unfair treatment or harassment on the job due to their identities can consult an employment lawyer about potential ways to move forward and seek justice in their cases. Whether they are dealing with a denied promotion, unjust wages or sexual harassment, there are legal actions that workers can take to protect themselves and others in similar situations.