Workers in America may believe that the caste system is something that only exists in India or Pakistan. However, as immigration from South Asia increases, cultural norms in those countries may start to be practiced in the United States. A survey by Equality Labs found that issues related to caste can take place in the United States. According to the survey, roughly 66 percent of Dalits have experienced both workplace and educational discrimination in America.

The discrimination reportedly took place specifically because they are members of the lowest caste. Furthermore, 25 percent of Dalits who responded to the survey said that they had been physically assaulted while in the United States. One of the authors of the report said that workers who took part in it ranged from factory workers to Facebook employees. They also lived in many different areas of the country from New Jersey to Silicon Valley.

Those who study the issue say that it can be difficult to combat discrimination against people based on their caste. This is because victims may be more concerned about being outed as members of a low caste. Furthermore, some who come from countries where caste status dominates society are of higher castes that don’t experience the same types of discrimination. Therefore, it may be harder to acknowledge it or feel the need to speak up about it.

Those who face workplace problems related to their religious beliefs or perceived standing in society may be victims of employment law violations. An employer generally cannot consider a person’s religion or national origin when deciding whom to hire. Individuals who believe that they were not hired or not given opportunities within an organization because of a protected attribute may benefit from consulting an attorney.