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Honest, hardworking people like to think that employers will play by the rules and do what is right. When they don’t, however, employers are often willing to do anything to make sure they don’t get caught — and that includes taking retaliatory action against innocent employees.

At the Law Offices of Lauren Abrams, there are few things that our retaliation law attorneys and staff are more passionate about than seeing justice done and employers held accountable for their illegal behavior. People who take the brave step of coming forward to report illegal activity shouldn’t have to fear for their job security. We are here to make sure those workers don’t have to.

Workplace retaliation is illegal precisely because the legal system wants to encourage people to do the right thing and come forward with information about unlawful acts. If you have faced retaliation for doing the right thing, call our law firm at 310-205-2020 for a confidential and no-fee consultation.

Helping Employees Facing Hostile Environments | Representing Workers in Whistle-Blower Claims

There are many scenarios where a worker may find him or herself the victim of retaliation at the hands of supervisors. These include when an employee:

  • Takes an approved medical leave through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/California Family Rights Act (CFRA)
  • Misses work following the death of a family member (bereavement)
  • Blows the whistle on an employer’s illegal activities
  • Reports a hostile work environment affecting him or herself, or another employee
  • Misses work to report for jury duty

Whistleblower claims involve situations where an employee reports an employer’s illegal activity. This could include noncompliance with safety standards, failure to follow environmental regulations, or financial misdeeds like fraud. Employees who come forward with this information can also find themselves experiencing intimidation, demotion and termination.

An employee can end up in a hostile work environment by choosing to bring up or file a formal complaint about discrimination or harassment in the workplace. This can include taunting and other intimidating behavior, as well as negative employment actions up to and including termination.

If you have been retaliated against, we will determine if you have a legal case. Remedies may include reinstatement and back wages in the case of termination, or punitive damages for employers who have engaged in intimidation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Legal Help. Consult With a Lawyer as Son as Possible

Learn if you have a claim for employment retaliation in a confidential consultation with a retaliation law attorney specializing in retaliation law in California. Call our Beverly Hills, California, office at 310-205-2020 or email us. We represent workers throughout Los Angeles.

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