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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

EEOC targets leave policies that discriminate against disability

As part of its efforts to crack down on leave policy violations, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has settled a case against Mueller Industries Inc. The agency accused the manufacturer of discriminating against disabled employees with its leave policy. The settlement that emerged from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California applies to Mueller Industries' nationwide operations. This case illustrated the commission's ongoing effort to address discriminatory practices derived from strict limits on the length of leaves or requirements that employees must be completely healthy to resume work.

Tech workers face retaliation

Californians who work in the tech industry might encounter workplace discrimination. If they complain about discrimination, they may face a backlash from their supervisors, according to a survey. Workplace discrimination that is based on a person's protected status is illegal. Retaliation against workers who complain about workplace discrimination is also illegal.

Pregnancy discrimination rising in workplaces

Women in California may have good reason to be concerned about pregnancy discrimination on the job. While the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 was intended to address this issue (the act amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to designate it as a form of sex discrimination), women continue to report significant problems in the workplace. Even after many large companies advertise benefits like parental leave and work-life balance, many expecting mothers have found that their workplaces continue to pass them over for responsibilities and promotions.

Workplaces are becoming friendlier to transgender employees

Finding work can be difficult for transgender people in California and around the country. About a quarter of the transgender people polled by the National Center for Transgender Equality in 2015 said that they had been denied work, passed over for promotion or fired because of their gender identity, but more recent research conducted by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation suggests that American workplaces are becoming more tolerant and welcoming to those who do not identify with the genders they were assigned at birth.

Prevalence of workplace discrimination

In California, experienced workers may be subject to a specialized work experienced targeting method where the upper limit on an employee's work history could be used for employment discrimination. The EEOC is examining the practice of using a person's work experience when used for the purpose of age discrimination.

Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace

As the discussion of sexual harassment continues to dominate headlines, many California employees are still having to deal with uncomfortable situations on the job. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 72 percent of workers who experienced harassment on the job did not share their experiences with their employers. Of those who reported sexual harassment, nearly 54 percent report not confronting the offender.

AT&T Mobility accused of pregnancy discrimination

California residents who are trying to start a family while continuing to work may be interested to learn that on May 14, two women filed discrimination lawsuits against AT&T Mobility. The women claimed that the company fired them after they had pregnancy-related absences.

Women workers at Nike join the #MeToo movement

In covert surveys and ongoing interviews with the New York Times, female employees at Nike described a pervasive culture of sexual harassment and marginalization. There are accounts of epithets being used against subordinates, inappropriate talk about body parts and numerous trips to strip clubs in conjunction with staff outings. As a result of these revelations, several top Nike executives have resigned or announced their plans to do so.

The impact caste discrimination can have in America

Workers in America may believe that the caste system is something that only exists in India or Pakistan. However, as immigration from South Asia increases, cultural norms in those countries may start to be practiced in the United States. A survey by Equality Labs found that issues related to caste can take place in the United States. According to the survey, roughly 66 percent of Dalits have experienced both workplace and educational discrimination in America.

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