Male Labor Analyst Sues Disney Cruise Line for Sexual Harassment

While most sexual harassment lawsuits in California and around the country are filed against male coworkers or supervisors, this isn’t always the case.

One such recent case involves a middle-aged man who was fired by the Disney Cruise Line after working for the company for 18 years as a labor analyst. Disney claims the man was terminated for using illegal substances, but he says that he lost his job after complaining about the way he was being treated by his younger female manager.

The man alleges in a federal lawsuit that his manager made disparaging comments about him based on his age and gender. He also says that she moved him into a windowless office and denied him electronic devices that had been issued to all of his colleagues. He claims that the manager made lewd and inappropriate comments about sexual conquests involving older married men and routinely passed him over for promotions in favor of less deserving candidates.

A Disney representative denied the man’s allegations and said that the Florida-based cruise line would be vindicated if the case ever went before a jury. While cases involving sexual harassment brought by men remain rare, claims of age discrimination are becoming more common as the Baby Boomer generation gets older.

Cases such as this one are usually dismissed or resolved before they reach a jury. That’s why attorneys with experience in this area may advise those who have suffered discrimination or harassment in the workplace gather as much evidence as they can before stepping forward.

Workers considering legal action should keep detailed records of unfair treatment that include the names of any others present. They could also make copies of documents or emails that may support their claims and take photographs of inappropriate materials in the workplace.