Baby boomers in California may face some additional hurdles when job hunting because some employers are biased against older employees. However, there are also some common errors job seekers may make. For example, using an older email service as an email address may make it look as though the job seeker is lagging behind from a technological standpoint. Failing to have an online profile can give a similar impression. Job seekers should set up a LinkedIn account so employers can look them up.

Job seekers might also think they are doing enough if they simply submit resumes electronically. In doing this, baby boomers are not using their biggest advantage over younger employees, which is an extensive network. Networking can be critical in finding a job. Baby boomers should seek help beyond their network if necessary as well including talking to a career coach. They should be unafraid to learn new skills or even change careers.

Resumes should not be overly long. For people with a lot of experience, it is best to stick with just the last 10-15 years. Baby boomers should also be respectful of younger interviewers. Employers may be concerned about how older workers will take direction from younger bosses. Finally, job seekers should consider whether their clothes, their haircut or something else in their presentation is aging them more than necessary.

With all of this in mind, it is also important to remember that discriminating against people at or over the age of 40 in the workplace is illegal. People who believe they have encountered age-based discrimination might want to discuss the situation with an attorney. Age discrimination is not just an issue during the job search. Older employees may struggle to get promoted or might even be demoted or terminated because of their age.