How do the wage gap laws protect women in the workplace? In this short video, employment attorney Lauren Abrams explains wage gap laws and what women in the workplace can do if they are being discriminated against.



When you’re applying for a job, you are entitled to the same salary as that man is making at the same or similar position that you’re applying for. You’re not allowed to be discriminated against in your wages.

Ask your male counterpart how much they’re making. When you go to lunch with a bunch of people say, “Hey, how much are you making,” or. “How much bonus did you get? What did you get when you started here?” and, “How much are you making now?” Just kind of conversationally, see if you can find out how much your male counterparts are making. And if they’re making more than you, go to human resources, show them the new wage law in California, and say, “This isn’t right and I’m entitled to this.” It’s very important that you put this complaint in writing.

You are not allowed to be retaliated against for complaining about being paid improperly in California. It is against the law to be retaliated against for this. And you are instantly protected at your workplace once you put this in writing.