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It shouldn’t be too much to ask for the opportunity to do your job in peace, to be evaluated on the merits of your work, and know that your employer follows the law in its business practices.

If you’re like many hardworking people in Southern California, however, you’ve discovered that all too often, employers don’t play by the rules, and now you are paying the price. Whether you were turned down for a promotion because of your boss’s discriminatory beliefs, denied overtime you worked hard to earn, or punished for reporting illegal activity at work, you deserve to know that your employer will be held accountable — and that you will have a fair shot to succeed in the workforce.

Our firm has been a strong advocate for the rights of workers who want nothing more than to do their jobs and provide for themselves and their families. When an employer has engaged in discriminatory or other illegal behavior, our experienced labor law attorneys and legal team are ready to put a stop to it and help our client obtain a fair resolution.

Focused on Protecting Employee Rights

When you’re the victim of an employer’s illegal behavior, you need a law firm that is 100 percent dedicated to fighting on behalf of workers. Our firm is proud of the fact that we only represent employees in employment litigation.

We represent clients with several employment and labor law law matters, including:

  • Helping you with all aspects involving wrongful termination claims
  • Protecting your rights when an employer has created a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Assisting you to stand up against discrimination on the basis of age, pregnancy, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, national origin or religion committed by an employer or fellow employees
  • Assisting you with concerns related to wage and hour matters, including the failure to pay overtime
  • Reviewing contracts, severance agreements and other employment documents required by your employer

Employees who have been through a traumatizing experience in the workplace deserve labor law legal help that understands how deeply discrimination and other employer behavior can affect them. We take pride not only in the results we obtain for our clients, but also in our ability to understand their concerns, treat them with respect and dignity, and make complex legal issues easier to understand.

We believe that many workplace disputes can be prevented or resolved efficiently when employers and workers know their rights and responsibilities.

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