Harassment a Problem for Female Scientists of Color

Women of color in California and around the country often find themselves struggling to achieve professional parity with their white and male colleagues. Unfortunately, the reality of sexual harassment and racial bias can hamper these women’s efforts. Harassment and bias are realities in all occupations, including scientific fields. In a study, planetary scientists and astronomers who are also women of color reported high rates of harassment in their workplaces.

When Working Off the Clock is Illegal

Depending on where they work, some California employees may find themselves staying later or working longer hours than they were originally scheduled to. If this work is unpaid or does not count towards overtime, it could potentially be illegal. Although there are a few exceptions, employers are responsible for paying their workers overtime if those workers work longer than 40 hours a week.

Getting Pregnant Does Not Erase Your Rights

Many employers still don’t get it: women in the workplace have rights that cannot be ignored. When employers violate these rights, they can be held to account. It’s been three decades since the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 went into effect. That law describes these things employers may not do to women employees who are pregnant: