FMLA Prohibits Job Loss or Retaliation When Taking Medical Leave

The Family Medical Leave Act requires certain employers in California to accommodate requests for time off when workers have bad health problems, need to care for ailing family members, give birth or adopt a child. Employees who use leave for legitimate reasons have a right to return to their jobs and not be subject to discipline or poor job reviews because they took time off.

California Agency Requires Equal Pay for Female Surfers

Historically, women make less than men when doing the same work. This has been true across the board in a number of industries. It is a type of workplace discrimination, and luckily, California has taken steps to ensure women make the same amount of money, including when it comes to less traditional jobs. 

How Previous Salary Questions Affects Women’s Pay

California is one of several states where employers are no longer allowed to ask potential employees what they made at their last job. There is evidence that doing so could perpetuate wage inequity over the long term. Women are often paid less than men even just out of college, so they might be unable to shake the low salary as they move from job to job.

Lawsuit From Trump’s Personal Driver Pursues Unpaid Overtime

Unpaid overtime is an issue that plagues many workers in California. A lawsuit filed by Donald Trump’s personal driver has brought national attention to this problem. Before the Secret Service took over transporting the new president, the driver chauffeured Trump for over 25 years. The lawsuit from the 59-year-old man claims that his employer, the Trump Organization LLC, owes him for 3,300 hours of overtime.

Is Equal Pay Protected Under California Law?

The struggle for closing the pay gap between men and women is an ongoing issue. Women consistently earn less than men for the same work, and it may seem that there are not any legal routes to solve this discrepancy. In California, however, the law actually protects equal pay for men and women. The California Equal Pay Act is legislation that regulates this area of the workplace. Learn more about this particular law and how it may apply in your situation.

Court Ruling Could Impact Gig Providers

The California Supreme Court made a ruling in a case in which workers for Dynamex sued after they were converted from employees to independent contractors. The conversion took place in 2004, but workers say that the company exerted control over their work, what they wore at work and their pay rates. In making its decision, the court used the “ABC test” to determine if a worker is an employee or independent contractor.