What Does At Will Employment Mean?

What Does At Will Employment Mean?

You may have heard the term ““at will employment” but what does this actually mean? In this short video, employment attorney Lauren Abrams explains what at will employment entails.

California Pay Equity in 2020 (Part 1)

2020 has been, among other things, a year in which a spotlight has shone on the issue of inequality in a variety of areas. Those in California are no strangers to the issue of equality, especially in terms of pay, as it has been a hotbed issue for the last several years.

California Workplace Rights and Coronavirus

You cannot be treated differently from your fellow employees because of Coronavirus. You cannot be excluded, told to go home (while everyone else stays at work), told to stay at work (while everyone goes home), told to go get blood tests for the virus or treated differently because your employer “thinks” you might have, or be carrying a strain of, the virus.