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City of Beverly Hills accused of age discrimination

California residents might like to know about an age discrimination case filed by a former senior recreation supervisor in Beverley Hills. The 66-year-old woman filing the suit says she eventually had to quit because of a supervisor's hostility. She also says that she was not given promotions because of her age, and the suit contains complaints of discrimination and failure to prevent harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.

The city of Beverley Hills and the director for recreation and parks are named in the Los Angeles Superior Court suit. After starting as the recreation supervisor in 1979, the plaintiff in the suit advanced multiple times and received special assignment pay for work with an upscale Greystone Mansion & Gardens event.

As the senior recreation supervisor, the plaintiff applied for a management position in 2017. She needed medical leave for a knee replacement and was not allowed to reschedule her interview for the management position. According to reports, a 35-year-old lifeguard with seemingly little relevant experience received the position instead.

When voicing concerns about not receiving the position due to her age and eventually talking with a union representative, the director named in the suit reportedly retaliated and reassigned the plaintiff to La Cienega Park and gave her menial duties. When hiring the new manager, the suit says someone involved in the hiring process informed the plaintiff's husband that his wife was not seriously considered as the hiring team was told to select a young candidate.

It is an unfortunate reality that many employees are left wondering if something other than experience and job performance stopped them from receiving promotions, pay raises and job duties. There are laws in place to protect employee rights when unfair treatment occurs based one's age, sex, race or religion. An attorney may help workers decide the best course of action after workplace discrimination occurs.

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