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May 2018 Archives

Tesla sued for alleged retaliation, race discrimination

Tesla is being sued by a former employee who claims he was wrongfully terminated from his position for reporting theft by a co-worker. He further claims that he was subjected to race discrimination. The California-based company has been sued multiple times for discrimination over the last year.

AT&T Mobility accused of pregnancy discrimination

California residents who are trying to start a family while continuing to work may be interested to learn that on May 14, two women filed discrimination lawsuits against AT&T Mobility. The women claimed that the company fired them after they had pregnancy-related absences.

Women workers at Nike join the #MeToo movement

In covert surveys and ongoing interviews with the New York Times, female employees at Nike described a pervasive culture of sexual harassment and marginalization. There are accounts of epithets being used against subordinates, inappropriate talk about body parts and numerous trips to strip clubs in conjunction with staff outings. As a result of these revelations, several top Nike executives have resigned or announced their plans to do so.

Court ruling could impact gig providers

The California Supreme Court made a ruling in a case in which workers for Dynamex sued after they were converted from employees to independent contractors. The conversion took place in 2004, but workers say that the company exerted control over their work, what they wore at work and their pay rates. In making its decision, the court used the "ABC test" to determine if a worker is an employee or independent contractor.

The impact caste discrimination can have in America

Workers in America may believe that the caste system is something that only exists in India or Pakistan. However, as immigration from South Asia increases, cultural norms in those countries may start to be practiced in the United States. A survey by Equality Labs found that issues related to caste can take place in the United States. According to the survey, roughly 66 percent of Dalits have experienced both workplace and educational discrimination in America.

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