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March 2018 Archives

California man adds whistleblower protection claim

A man who filed multiple claims against Roadrunner Intermodal Services and Central Cal Transportation has amended his complaint to add a count claiming protection under California's whistleblower protection statute. The amended complaint was filed in federal court on March 5.

Why Google's reputation matters in court

Workers in California and elsewhere have long seen Google as an innovative company and a great place to work. However, this can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to discrimination lawsuits. If a company has a good reputation, it is unlikely to be found liable in such a case. On the other hand, if Google is found liable, the organization could be subject to severe consequences.

Is it a red flag if an employer asks for your current salary?

California has taken several steps recently to make pay more equitable. For example, the Equal Pay Act was amended in 2016 to safeguard against wage discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity and to make it harder to pay men more money than women for doing substantially similar work. Similarly, as of 2018, California employers cannot use your previous salary to determine how much to pay you now unless you offer the information ‚Äúvoluntarily and without prompting." That means employers cannot ask you in a job interview how much you currently make.

Lawsuit accuses Google of race discrimination

A former Google employee accused the California-based technology giant of discriminating against job candidates based on their race in a lawsuit filed on Jan. 29. The man claims that he was fired in November 2017 after voicing concerns about hiring policies that excluded white and Asian men in order to promote a more diverse workplace environment and insulate Google from the criticism that has been leveled at many leading technology companies.

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