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Employment discrimination against transgender people

Some transgender people in California might experience job discrimination. This could range from not being hired at certain positions to people in the workplace using the wrong pronoun or not being allowed to use the bathrooms that is consistent with their gender identity. The Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group, reports that between 1996 and 2006, about 20 percent of transgender people had experienced workplace discrimination that included being fired, harassed or denied promotion.

Transgender persons might not disclose their biological gender when they apply for a job, but an employer might be able to find out in another way. For example, background checks may reveal this information. The American Psychological Association reports that transgender people may earn less, and a study found that 64 percent made under $25,000 annually.

One transgender woman has been unable to get a job in her degree field, early childhood education, and says she believes it is because she is transgender. However, another transgender woman reports more job success since transitioning. She says that prior to transitioning, she appeared feminine in interviews, and this now matches her gender.

When people face discrimination at work because of their gender, they might want to speak to an attorney about their civil rights. This could include discrimination because of their sexual orientation, gender presentation or a refusal to conform to gender stereotypes. The state of California offers additional protections. An attorney might assist an employee in developing a strategy to deal with the issue in the workplace. If the workplace does not address the complaint effectively or retaliates against the employee for reporting the discrimination, then a lawsuit may be necessary. In some cases, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may file a lawsuit on a worker's behalf.

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