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Employers may be engaging in age discrimination

A study led by a professor of economics at the University of California, Irvine, indicates that older individuals may have a hard time getting hired. The researchers determined that individuals who were older were far less likely to be contacted by employers than younger applicants. Further, the issue seemed to worsen the older an applicant is.

To figure out if older individuals are facing discrimination, the researchers sent out 40,000 resumes. Resumes sent for the same type of job, of which there were thousands, were the same except for the age of the applicant. It was found that employers were less likely to reach out to individuals who were older.

Middle aged applicants saw a smaller drop than the call back rate for those who were older. While both men and women saw a reduced rate of call backs if they were older, the rate dropped even further for older women compared to men. Call back rates for middle-aged women dropped a quarter from the rates for younger women, and the contact rate dropped another 25 percent for women who were 65 or older.

Age discrimination is just one of many types of discrimination that employers are prohibited from engaging in. Other common examples of discrimination that is illegal includes discrimination on the basis of gender, race or religious belief. Discrimination includes issues related to hiring, promotion, assignment of tasks and termination. People who believe that they have been the target of this type of behavior may want to meet with an employment law attorney to see what recourse might be available to them.

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