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November 2016 Archives

Discrimination laws and bathrooms

Transgender awareness and the rights of LGBTQ individuals has increased remarkably in recent years. This is especially true in California. Transgender individuals face discrimination, which has forced a redefining of what is considered sexual discrimination and how both biological sex and gender fit as protected classifications.

Department of Labor highlights retaliation concerns

If you're a worker and your employer is doing something wrong, it's your right to complain or report them without retaliation. That's the law at its core: a fundamental principle to protect workers and to keep a balance of power between employers and employees.

Wells Fargo facing ERISA lawsuits over fall in stock price

California residents may have read reports about widespread misconduct and unethical sales practices at Wells Fargo & Company. Investigators discovered that low-level sales employees opened millions of accounts without permission in order to meet performance standards and earn bonuses, and it was subsequently learned that senior executives were likely aware that this was going on. The resulting backlash saw the value of Wells Fargo stock plunge by as much as 15 percent, and the San Francisco-based company is now facing several lawsuits from current and former employees over the effect that this devaluation has had on the value of its retirement plan.

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