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Workplace retaliation claims on the rise

You may have the perfect job, but the worst possible co-workers or supervisors. If your employer does something that infringes upon your rights, you have the ability to file a complaint to get the offending behavior to stop. In many circumstances, this will put an end to the behaviors that are causing you to experience so much stress. However, in some cases, this will only be the start of the problems that you may have to face.

Some employers take a very hostile attitude toward employees who raise questions about what is happening in the workplace. Employers may take adverse actions against these employees, leaving them caught in a difficult position. You may need the economic stability that the job provides, but, it ends up taking such a severe toll on your mental health that you can barely stand going into the office each day.

This posting discusses the issue of retaliation in the workplace. Over 45 percent of the complaints received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) concern retaliation, which makes it the most pressing issue in many workplaces across the country. 

Different types of retaliation

Unfortunately, there are many different kinds of actions that could potentially happen in the workplace. For example, a supervisor could continually exclude certain employees from taking part in projects. Other employees could be encouraged to bully certain co-workers, hoping that the intense stress would cause the employees to leave.

There are other, more direct forms of retaliation as well. Say an employee submits a complaint after being sexually harassed in the workplace. If an employer finds out about that complaint, the employer may decide to terminate the employee. The employee may have a perfect workplace record, but, is still out of a job. Workers may also see their status or rank downgraded after filing a complaint, and this demotion may also rise to the level of retaliation as well.

What you should do if you are the victim of retaliation

If you find yourself being retaliated against by your supervisor or employer, know that you do have options available to you. You should start by contacting an experienced employment law attorney to discuss your next steps. A lawyer will be able to explain the law to you, and help you take action to protect your livelihood.

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