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May 2016 Archives

Complying with employment laws

While running a profitable small business in California may be a challenge, it is not an excuse to breaking employment laws. Although labeling an employee as an independent contractor may save money, it could lead to major expenses in the future. Business owners could be required to pay back state and federal taxes as well as additional financial penalties. Those who are unsure about whether a worker is an employer or contractor may want to talk to the IRS.

Female doctors -- and women in every profession -- still experience sexual harassment on the job

Doctors have to put up with a lot, everything from long hours to stressful work to piles of student-loan debt. You wouldn't think that they'd have to deal with sexual harassment, too.

EEOC addresses transgender bathroom rights in the workplace

California residents are no doubt aware that public bathroom access for transgender individuals has become a divisive topic in recent months. Laws introduced in Mississippi and North Carolina that forbid transgender individuals from using the bathroom appropriate to the gender they identify with have been widely criticized by the LBGT community, and the resulting furor has left employers around the country unsure about how to address this issue in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission became aware of these concerns, and the federal agency has released a fact sheet designed to clear up any confusion.

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