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Overcoming age discrimination in California workplaces

Many older California employees start to feel that they are being discriminated against at work due to their age. While the Age Discrimination in Employment Act has made it illegal for employers to treat individuals differently due to their age if they are 40 or older, many organizations seem to favor younger employees. In some cases, this is because an organization is being discriminatory, but in others, companies may just want people who are cheaper to employ.

Therefore, it may be a good idea for older individuals to make themselves as competitive as possible when being compared to younger candidates. Additionally, it could be beneficial for them to point out that hiring a younger and cheaper employee may end up costing a business more in the long run. Training younger employees and having to replace inexperienced individuals can be more expensive than paying a higher salary for an experienced person.

Older individuals can often help themselves by staying on top of changes in technology as well as major changes and advancements in their field. Learning how to use new technology can seem like a never ending task, but many employers hire younger individuals over older ones simply because of their assumed familiarity with computers.

In addition to the fact that age discrimination is against the law, it is also illegal for organizations to retaliate against an individual who has reported unfair or irregular treatment. Companies are not allowed to fire or demote someone who has reported discrimination. If people feel that they are being treated differently because of their age, whether on the job or during the hiring process, an employment law attorney can explain their rights as well as their options for legal recourse.

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