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May 2013 Archives

Land Your Next Job Using Social Media

Social media could have a huge impact of landing your next gig. This does not only mean that you should set a proper privacy setting on those photos from the latest party night out, but also take advantage of social media features to enrich your "social resume" with your creativity and personality.

Office Safe for Work?

Maintaining a clean and healthy office may be harder than you think. For example, did you know that 1 in 3 office workers have witnessed co-workers leaving restrooms without washing their hands? Or the fact that 53% of Americans don't wash their hands after exchanging money? Or even that the average person touches 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, potentially exposing themselves to 840,000 germs?

She's the Boss: Women in Business

Women have been making great strides recently in the business world. In 2012 alone, women made up 43 percent of people who took the GMAT. That is a huge leap from 2009 - 39% to be exact. The following infographic by BestHealthcareMBA explores some interesting facts and statistics about the current state of women in business.

Job Interviewing 101: How to Succeed in Any Situation

With the average employer receiving more than 100 applications per job opening these days, how can one stand out if they are fortunate enough to get to the interview stage? This infographic from Interview Success Formula illustrates how job seekers can read the most common types of interviewers and how to succeed in the process.

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