Is Your Bad Boss Killing You?

by Lauren Abrams on June 4, 2012

A recent survey found that U.S. employees spend an average of 13 hours during the workweek and 6.2 hours over the weekend worrying about their boss says or does. Together that adds up to 19.2 hour a week of lament over bad boss woes.

And while the infographic below takes a somewhat humorous look at “bad boss scenarios,” having a bad boss is no laughing matter. If you are experiencing discrimination or harassment in the workplace, don’t rule out your legal options. If you are in California and are in need of an experienced employment law attorney, visit to learn more about your options.

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Is Your Bad Boss Killing You?

Lauren Abrams is an employment rights attorney practicing in California. She has won numerous trials, has been heard on KNX business hour and has received verdicts and settlements totaling millions of dollars.Ms. Abrams represents employees and their rights in the workplace – as well as upon termination. Find Lauren on Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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