Confrontation 101: Which Path Will You Take?

by Lauren Abrams on November 27, 2012

How often are we afraid to engage in a  confrontation simply because we are afraid of how the other person will respond? Or possibly it is the fear that the other person won’t like us anymore. Because of these fears, we often don’t confront other people’s behavior that is unacceptable to us. When we consistently fail to confront, the typical results are, our needs are not met, resentment builds up, and cumulative damage to the relationship occurs.

This infographic from Gordon Training International shows two very different paths to confrontation. Now the question is, “which one will you take the next time your workmate, spouse, boss or friend causes you a problem?”

[Click image for full size version]

Confrontation 101: Which Path Will You Take?

Lauren Abrams is an employment rights attorney practicing in California. She has won numerous trials, has been heard on KNX business hour and has received verdicts and settlements totaling millions of dollars.Ms. Abrams represents employees and their rights in the workplace – as well as upon termination. Find Lauren on Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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