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Trader Joe's sued for wrongful termination

A California company could be sued if an employee is fired for complaining about sexual harassment, and that has happened at a Trader Joe's supermarket. The ex-employee filed an internal complaint against a co-worker who gave him an offensive gift at a company Christmas party. His employer fired him the next month.

False positives a danger for hair follicle drug testing

California workers who are required to submit to drug testing may return false positives due to secondhand smoke on hair follicle tests based on a new study out of Germany. Hair follicle tests are widely considered to be reliable proof of drug use, but the study shows that traces of cannabis can occur through hands, sweat or second-hand smoke.

Why a termination letter can be important

Being fired from a job can be a shocking, frustrating and emotional experience. It is not easy to go through alone, especially if you believe that you were let go unfairly. For legal and practical purposes, it is important to have a termination letter. While this post is not to be construed as legal advice, we will provide some important reasons as to why you should have one if you are fired.

Employers and alcohol abuse

Every employer strives to maintain a safe and productive work environment, no matter if you are a small technology startup or a manufacturer with 500 employees. Part of this goal may involve a policy that prohibits employees from being under the influence of alcohol while at work or in the course of their duties.

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