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Retaliation now most common claim sent to EEOC

Discrimination based on race or sex used to be the leading types of claims submitted by employees to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Retaliation came in third, representing 24 percent of complaints in 1998, but some employers in California and around the country appear to be ramping up their retaliatory acts. In 2015, 45 percent of cases handled by the EEOC involved retaliation.

Workplace retaliation claims on the rise

You may have the perfect job, but the worst possible co-workers or supervisors. If your employer does something that infringes upon your rights, you have the ability to file a complaint to get the offending behavior to stop. In many circumstances, this will put an end to the behaviors that are causing you to experience so much stress. However, in some cases, this will only be the start of the problems that you may have to face.

Age discrimination among workers apparent in university study

When economists from the University of California at Irvine and Tulane University recently investigated the issue of age discrimination in employment, they found strong evidence of pervasive discrimination. For their study, they created 40,000 fictional job applications that included clues about the ages of the job seekers.

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