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Discrimination in the workplace still an issue for many women

The discrimination of women in the workplace is nothing new, but there are many times when it becomes more obvious than others. During some of those times, women have brought lawsuits against their employers in an effort to try to asset what is fair and just.

Many of these suits have been successful, which has allowed women to make more progress in the working world and be treated more fairly. Despite all of that, though, there are still women who face discrimination from their employers. Two of the most common areas where that is seen is pregnancy and caring for elderly relatives. 

Pregnancy discrimination

Many employees hesitate to hire employees who are obviously pregnant, because they know that these women will need time off soon and then they will be distracted with child-rearing issues when they do return to work. However, some companies actively discriminate against employees they already have when those employees become pregnant. They lay them off, or when they return from maternity leave their job isn't available to them any longer. Women have sued and won in these cases, and it's important that pregnant women who are victims of discrimination continue that fight.

Caring for elderly family members

Another area where women often see discrimination in the workplace is as caregiver for elderly family members. They may be returning to the workplace after they have been caring for someone for a long time, and that gap in their employment history may hurt them. If they have to take time off to care for a family member, they may be fired. There are many ways an employer can discriminate against a women who is caring for elderly family members, and by doing so there is the potential for a lawsuit in some cases. Any woman who feels discriminated against in this way can contact an attorney to see if she has a case that can and should be pursued.

Litigation is increasing

An increase in litigation in these types of cases has encouraged more women to stand up for what matters to them and fight back against employers who are discriminating against them. An attorney can help in these types of cases by ensuring that you have an experienced legal advocate on your side and someone you can trust to help you navigate the legal process. 

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