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Why a termination letter can be important

Being fired from a job can be a shocking, frustrating and emotional experience. It is not easy to go through alone, especially if you believe that you were let go unfairly. For legal and practical purposes, it is important to have a termination letter. While this post is not to be construed as legal advice, we will provide some important reasons as to why you should have one if you are fired.

Written documentation of your shortcomings – A termination letter should describe in detail the reasons that you were fired. Not only can this clarify the reasons for your dismissal, it can serve as documentation if you employer terminated you for an illegal reason (i.e. reporting faults in workplace conditions or complaining about sexual harassment.)

Documenting your actual termination date – For many terminated employees, collecting unemployment compensation is critical. A termination letter can serve as documentation that you are no longer employed and that you were not let go for reasons that would disqualify you from collecting unemployment.

Clarifying opportunities for legal remedies – If you feel that you were fired for an illegal reason, a termination letter could serve as the legal basis for seeking legal remedies. For instance, if you were accused of sexual harassment and were fired without it being investigated, you could have a potential wrongful termination or defamation claim.

If you have questions about how termination letters can help, or what to do if you are not provided with one, an experienced employment law attorney can help. 

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