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Our Passion And Priority: Protecting Your Rights As A Worker

When you have experienced something illegal at work — supervisors who discriminate against you or your co-workers, or retaliation because you reported unsafe working conditions, for example — you need an experienced employment law attorney to help you make things right. You deserve a legal team that understands how intimidating it can be to talk with a lawyer about your job and will do everything possible to take the fear out of standing up for your rights.

At the Law Offices of Lauren Abrams, offering experienced, compassionate legal help is what we do every single day. Our clients are at the center of everything we do. They are hardworking people who play by the rules and just want to know that their employers will as well. They work to provide for their families, but also work because they believe in the value of a job well done. When an employer's actions make that difficult or impossible, we are ready to respond swiftly and aggressively.

We invest significant time and resources into every case our firm takes on because we know how high the stakes are for our clients. When we accept a case, we want our client to know that helping him or her find a positive outcome is our absolute highest priority.

Our Services: Personalized Legal Help, Aggressive Representation

Our firm's employment law practice is centered on helping workers who become the targets for illegal employer behavior. This ranges from workplace discrimination, to harassment, to retaliation and wrongful termination. Our attorneys also provide careful review of employment contracts and severance agreements, giving our experienced perspective on these important legal documents.

Professional, success-oriented legal help can and should also be personal. We know that working with a lawyer can be an intimidating experience, and we want our clients to feel comfortable working with us at every stage of their cases. We invite our clients into our Beverly Hills offices to tell their stories, and want them to know that we will do everything we can to help them, and make things easier along the way.

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We can discuss your legal options during a no-fee, confidential phone consultation. Arrange to speak with one of our Los Angeles employment lawyers now: Call 310-205-2020 or send an email. From our Beverly Hills offices, we represent workers throughout Los Angeles and Southern California, and meet our clients whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.